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Hands-on experience and unique keywording knowledge to create well-researched  Resumes and optimized LinkedIn for companies and industries in the US. We’re not just another service; we’re your career’s best ally to ensure your resume stands out.

Mock Interview to keep you upper hand when it comes to getting the interview.

Resume to reflect all aspects of your career and education to date

Job-winning Resumes, Cover Letters and Guidelines for LinkedIn profiles.

Free no obligation Resume Review.

ATS-friendly: professional layouts and formatting


Dedicated and experienced Resume writer who will go above and beyond for clients. When writing your resume, we always use clear and concise language. We always avoid using jargon or overly technical terms. In addition,  modern and professional format and design are easily read and visually appealing.
Your resume writer has the skills to differentiate the roles irrespective of large corporations or start-ups, which requires a different approach.

A professionally written CV can change your life by taking you to the next level in your career. It also makes all stages of the job-hunting process easier. Don’t waste another minute. Email or Upload your CV, and let us help you snag your dream career. You’ll get a persuasive, achievement-driven cover letter, a LinkedIn profile optimized to the nines, and a resume embedded with targeted ATS keywords.

Strategy & Planning

Our Resume Writing Process

Whether you’re in tech, banking, education, healthcare, or eyeing that executive suite, we’ve got your back with specialized resumes catered to your sector. Three major steps encapsulate the essence of the resume writing process, ensuring a well-researched, tailored, and polished final product. Our commitment to you doesn’t clock out. With 24/7 Customer Support and the promise of unlimited revisions, your satisfaction is our prime directive.

Information Gathering and Analysis

Drafting and Structuring

Review, Refinement, and Delivery

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Professional Resume Writing Consultation in Detroit

The initial session lasts up to 50 minutes, with a concluding 20-minute session scheduled at its end. A tailored resume is crucial for job success, offering insights into your professional milestones and emphasizing your unique abilities and accomplishments.

Engaging a professional resume writer can give job seekers a competitive edge, ensuring their resume not only showcases their strengths and achievements but also aligns with industry trends and expectations.

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What We Provide

Our Resume Writing Services

We’re not just seasoned; we’re experts at crafting tailor-made resume and cover letter packages that resonate with your unique journey. Our skills go beyond mere words. We specialize in creating ATS-friendly resumes, ensuring your application navigates those tricky automated filters with ease. We have already helped many clients from the Detroit areas, including Katy, Pasadena, Baytown, Richmond, Sugar Land, Galveston, Conroe, Spring, Cypress, Heights and Aldine.

Resume Writing

Resume Editing

Cover Letter Writing

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Executive Biographie

Career Coaching

Your Job Market

Detroit, the Hub for Corporations and Mid-Sized Enterprises

It’s important to note that Detroit, TX is a small town in the United States, and it might not host as many diverse corporate opportunities as larger cities. Consequently, the job market in Detroit, TX might be more limited, with fewer options for various industries or corporate positions. Smaller companies in Detroit may offer roles with broader responsibilities, often seeking versatile individuals who can adapt to diverse tasks. The opportunities in Detroit could be centred around local businesses, service-oriented roles, or industries specific to the town’s economy. In Detroit, TX, there might not be many big companies like in big cities. You might find jobs in smaller companies where you do lots of things. They want people who can do different stuff and help out in different ways. Detroit’s jobs might be about local businesses and doing different kinds of work.

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